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What is an "Area of Effect?"

Anyone well-versed in the many worlds of role-playing games would know that an "area of effect" (or AoE) is an ability a player uses on everyone standing in a certain space. This can be for purposes of healing and support, or for damage and destruction.  Most of the time, we mean well. However, it is not always easy to take a step back and pay attention to the steps we could make towards our own success. All too often, we get stuck in the problem, and those problems drag us into the uncomfortable zone where our routine seems to dominate us.

As a counselor who has dedicated much of his career to understanding addiction, and specifically to the Internet and online video games, this concept has grown on me as a wonderful way to explain how we begin our search for the life we are hoping for. We need to understand the way our surroundings are affecting us, and also how we accidentally preserve some aspects of those surroundings we dislike the most.

Through Area of Effect Counseling, we strive to help each person find ways to make a difference for themselves, and also on the world around them. Sometimes, the solution is not just about us, but about the people, places, and things that impact our daily lives. Through looking to our inner selves, we can take control of our attitudes and how we approach the different problem areas we face.  Change is possible. It is our hope that we can help you make the exact effect you are searching for.


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