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Has Your Gambling Become A Problem?​

Any time you take risk by wagering money on an event with an uncertain outcome, this can be considered gambling. This can happen in a game of cards, playing the lottery, slot machines, or even a friendly wager on a sporting event. Gambling can be a fun activity for millions of people across the country. For some, it becomes a problem. If you turn around one day and feel like the game is taking away from your quality of life, counseling could be a useful tool to get you back on the road to healthy living.

The decision about how to regain this quality of life can often start with a few small decisions on the part of the gambler, and consistent support from family, friends, and even your counselor. Strategies which are common for making these changes can include support group meetings, money management, changes to the thinking patterns which have caused risk taking in the past, and dedication to abstinence. Even if you do not think quitting the gambling behavior is for you, counseling can be helpful. It is never the goal of the clinician to force change on anyone. Rather, AOE seeks to give you guidance towards whatever your true goal is, and provide you with feedback moving forward about what it takes to achieve success. Once we find something that works, it is about staying consistent, with high motivation towards this goal, and putting in time for activities which help us thrive.

For many, addiction can be devastating, and is very difficult to battle alone. If you are not sure whether gambling has become a problem in your life, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I found myself lying to those important to me about the extent of my gambling?
  • Have I felt the need to bet more money, or stay longer, in order to feel the same thrill I used to?

If either of those questions have a yes, or you notice gambling is hurting your quality of life at home, work, school, family, financial matters, or friends, it may be worth your time to seek help from a professional. For more information, or to schedule consult to see if counseling  would benefit your situation, call us today at +1.(786) 708-2327.