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  • Do you prefer communicating with people online over face-to-face communication?
  • Have you played games in order to feel better when you were upset or lonely?
  • Does your mind focus on games to the point where you cannot complete other tasks in your life as effectively?
  • Do you lose track of time when you are playing, and then not do other things you were supposed to do?
  • Have video games had a negative effect, or created problems, in your life in any way?

Making Change in ourselves

and those around us

Have Your Games Gotten in the Way of Your Reality?​

For many gamers worldwide, playing video games provides an entertaining diversion from stress and an opportunity to invest in a lifelong hobby. Technology continues to make these games more powerful, social, available, and accessible. However, the more advanced a game becomes, the more they can push some gamers to focus only on their playing routine. When this happens, a small percentage of players may start noticing problems in other areas of their life. Common problems for game players include: decreased academic performance, work problems, relationship issues, as well as isolation from friends, family, & social activities.

Online games can cause the biggest threat to a person’s ability to keep balance in their life. This is because the social aspects of a game combine with the actual gameplay to bring the person back over and over. More play means stronger players, and stronger players form online communities for either teamwork or for competition. While all this is happening, a person will often prioritize the ability to join this community above the responsibilities that are expected of them in their real-world life.

If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be dealing with video game addiction, ask the following questions:

Ask yourself how many of these questions were responded with a yes. If this is the case, help is available. The goal of counseling with many gaming based issues is not to cut-off the use of technology. As this country becomes more and more focused on expanding our devices, it would become impossible to have success without our smartphone, tablets, computers, and other communication devices. However, our relationship to those devices and apps is important. Finding ways to keep a balance in our life and prioritize our time through honesty and accountability is a key ingredient for success. For more information, or to schedule consult to see if counseling  would benefit your situation, call us today at +1.(786) 708-2327.